Grass-Root Communications Company Gram Vaani Secures US$ 500,000 From IAN And Others

Gram Vaani Community Media Pvt. Ltd., a company that works to enhance communication possibilities via virtual telephony has managed to find financial backers within the Indian Angel Network (IAN) and a few other investors. The current investment totaling US$ 500,000 is the first institutional equity investment round that the company has scored & will be utilized to increase the network, bolster the product & augment the workforce.

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What does the company do?

It aims to enable rural or semi-developed population gain access to shared news & encourages them to contribute to the news content as well. Currently, the company’s flagship endeavor is ‘Mobile Vaani’. This is an automated service that works on the basis of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and it creates a simple call-in platform. Subscribers or listeners can phone-in & either, leave a message for the masses or just listen to the messages left behind by other callers.

Does such a system have an appeal?

Interestingly, the company claims to handle about 7000 calls per day & has a user base spanning more than 15 Indian states & 2 Million subscribers. Additionally, the company has even rolled out similar products to other developing countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, South Africa, etc.

Besides an crowdsourced one-to-many call-in service, the company also offers a unique solution to informally host a community radio service that has some advanced features like program scheduling and play-out, telephony and SMS integration, internet streaming, content management and statistical analysis of play-out history. Such features are usually reserved for sophisticated systems integrated, back-end offices, but the company has graciously come forth with its own iteration for the masses & creatively named it GRINS (Gramin Radio Inter-Networking System).

Tech companies like these are slowly gaining prominence in the investor circles who wish to give back to the society. In the past, we have seen similar social cause oriented tech developments. Do let us know if there any more out there.

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