The Toby Playpad, An iPad App Which Helps In Teaching Autistic Children

As technology advances to make its mark in various fields, the improvements that are led by these technological changes prove to be significant advancements in the present age. Apple’s iPad becomes such an important tool for bringing out several benefits. We have been introduced to an interesting app called The Toby Playpad which has been specifically developed for children with autism. This has been developed in collaboration by Tamana jointly with the Deakin University, Australia.  Toby is short for  ’Therapy Outcomes by You’.






The Toby Playpad is a paid app and it can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes Store for a price of $30. This app is targeted at children aged two to six years old. Some features of the app include monitoring of an individual’s performance on tasks from a complex syllabus and it also covers areas like social skills, language, sensory discrimination and cognitive skills.

Speaking about the initiative of such technology for autistic children, Shyama Chona, president, Tamana NGO said,

The use of the new method of technology for children with autism is limited, though technology seems to be a huge interest area for many of these children. The iPad application, the new assistive technology, is a new hope for autistic children.”

The Toby Playpad is a great introduction into the available list of apps, but it also comes with the disadvantage of being an obstacle with the other less priced apps available. Apps like Super Duper “Understanding Inferences”, ConversationBuilder™, Super Duper “What Are They Thinking?”, Autism Apps, Dragon Dictation, Drawing Pad are already available on the Play Store and they are accessible at a bargain than the Toby PlayPad which is priced at $30. Nevertheless, The Toby Play Pad is an excellent arrival which can prove as an alternative over the heavily priced apps like Proloquo2Go, Sono Flex etc. This pricing consideration is only taken into mind thinking about the Indian consumers.

With the growth in technology, making a difference for the autistic children is indeed a helpful initiative that is undertaken with the arrival of such apps. Such app can help the person in terms of communication, and for the development of important social skills and their overall ability to learn. Apps like these making progresses can produce a breakthrough communication technology for current and future families with autistic children. On the other hand pricing an app at $30 can be a discouragement for the Indian users. With the set of apps which are available at a lesser price, an Indian user may opt for those apps rather than going in for this specific app.

You can download the app here.

Website | TOBY Playpad

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