HelpingDoc Adds ‘Health Deals’ To Augment Revenue, a health portal owned & operated by Delhi-based HelpingDoc Pvt Ltd, has added a unique facility that is aimed at bolstering its revenue.


The website will now feature ‘Health Deals’. While it may sound as commercialization of the healthcare industry, the addition is in fact a boon to patients who were hard-pressed for suitable & relevant healthcare packages.

How does the company offer deals? The basic element lies in the disrupted health industry clarified Amit Bansal, founder and CEO of HelpingDoc, “In India, it is an unorganized market for doctors. So we provide them a technology platform and bring them together to create visibility for them,”

What he meant was that doctors aren’t working a joint team neither there is any coordination between them. This entitles a lot of competition & confusion. Patients or customers who wish to avail specialized services are often unaware or unsure about the offerings, doctors & their skill sets. Not to mention, the pricing structure too is wildly varying. The website offers an aggregation platform that collates information like specialization, fees, timings, regarding multiple doctors so that customers can make an informed & educated choice about products & services that fit their needs perfectly.

In terms of e-commerce, this practice could be considered quite similar to sites like Tushky who bring together small travel & tourism deals on a same platform. These micro deal providers couldn’t land customers neither could the customers get to discover interesting local offers without such websites.

How does the company earn from this addition: Interestingly, the site offered an annual subscription package to doctors which was & will remain its primary source of income. This section will allow registered doctors (with paid subscription) to post deals & the site will earn a percentage on the sales. Interestingly, the site doesn’t charge for booking of appointments. What do you think of such a technique?

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