High Speed Internet Connectivity In EasyCabs Thanks To Airtel & Huawei Tie-up

The necessity to be tethered to high speed internet connectivity has witnessed a few interesting deployment of services. However, the recent tie-up between mobile service provider Airtel, networking equipment maker Huawei & personal transportation provider EasyCabs, is certainly an interesting one. The trio have come together to offer free high speed internet connectivity to all the internet-enabled devices of people who opt for EasyCabs taxi service. Though the service is presently deployed only in the NCR region of Delhi on a 100 cabs, the concept can be easily replicated across multiple regions based on the response.


What’s the arrangement?

Traveling internet users, who typically use high speed internet, have either begun to carry a USB dongle or use the mobile data subscription package. However, these are relatively expensive options. Relying on the same basic principle, Airtel will offer its data network to beam high speed internet. Huawei has offered its networking equipment that will receive these waves on its E355 3G Wi-Fi data card.

This data card is unique in the sense that it generates a WiFi hotspot in its close proximity, which, in this case is the taxi’s cabin. Passengers will be able to access the internet as easily as joining the WiFi hotspot with a secure key.

The campaign is a great example of mutual promotion by offering an essential service which today nearly all the modes of transport services offer. We have seen deployment of WiFi internet on railways, bus-stops & even moving buses. A while ago, a similar campaign had surfaced & a brand named Tabcab was born. While Airtel will get to promote its high speed 3G Network, Huawei will get to flaunt its multi-pronged networking equipment, all the while EasyCabs can offer a much needed VAS. What do you think of this synergy?

Source |   ibnlive

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