Facebook Brings Messenger Stickers To Web Chat

Rejoice Facebook desktop users because your chats are about to become more colourful and fun! Facebook has brought its popular stickers for mobile apps on its desktop for users. Stickers are basically huge emoticons with various characters which enhances users chat experience. For starters, Facebook has introduced 16 different stickers that can be accessed from your desktop chat.

fb stickers desktop1

fb stickers desktop2

fb stickers desktop3

In order to use the stickers which are currently free, a user has to open a chat window and click on the emoticon icon in the lower right corner of the chat window, choose the sticker you like and click it to send it to that person. Users can add more stickers to their chats by clicking the basket icon in the upper right corner of the sticker window. Currently there are stickers like cats with different emotions, various objects like cake, ice cream, boat. However, I personally liked the stickers of the quirky characters from an upcoming movie ‘Despicable Me’.

Facebook first rolled out stickers in April for Messenger for Android and iOS. These stickers are gradually becoming a trend on such instant messaging platforms. Bharti Soft Bank’s Hike, China’s WeChat and Japan’s Line already have these stickers on their chats. Although WhatsApp has various emoticons it still has not rolled out stickers yet.

I believe it is a clever move from Facebook as using stickers during chat will surely increase user engagement on website to some extent. It looks like along with its mobile apps Facebook is also enhancing user experience on desktop. It introduced hashtags and shut down Questions and Offers products in order to streamline its ad products.

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