BlackBerry Attracts Buyers With Exchange Scheme For Z10; Offers Hefty Discounts

BlackBerry has announced a month-long programme that allows the users to trade their older mobiles for the newest model Z10. This is an attempt to woo the buyers and grow their sales with this medium. The plan will offer hefty discounts of up to Rs. 11,000. Based on this scheme, Blackberry will provide the credit card users with an option of balance payment through 9 monthly installments. Additionally, this will be without any upfront cash payment, no interest and zero processing fee. This plan is presented across for all users and even the individuals who use the entry level models like BlackBerry Curve 8530 will get discount of Rs. 3,000.


The exchange scheme aims to push Z10 sales is available across all the 1,400 outlets in 17 cities. This also includes four metros, National Capital Region, Lucknow, Bangalore, Baroda and Chandigarh.

As we advance forward to new age marketing trends from the smartphone industry, such type of developments will help BlackBerry gain some foothold in market & will also assist in covering lost grounds which have been superiorly dominated by Google’s Android and Apple previously.

According to previous reports, BlackBerry had managed to sell 6 million devices in the last 3 months. Out of these, 1 million units were the devices that run on BB10. On that account ideally BlackBerry sales should have increased much higher over the course of time; however it looks like currently BlackBerry is doing well in its targeted customer segment only. And this is the result, introducing exchange schemes like these to attract more consumer base.

Therefore introducing such an exchange scheme will help BlackBerry attract more customers primarily, but will also help in growing the Z10 sales in an efficient manner. Maybe this can also help in wooing customers on other platforms, to trade out their old Blackberry device and to switch to a BB 10 device to enjoy the premium benefits that it provides.

Just targeting the corporate segment, BlackBerry missed a trick or two to establish itself once again in this competitive smartphone market. Hence such an exchange scheme can be looked up as a last ditch effort in order to boost the Z10 sales as well as uproot some other rivals in the markets like Google, Samsung, Apple etc., who  continue to lay a solid foundation in the market.

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