BlackBerry’s Sales For 1st Quarter Disappoints Investors As Stocks Fall By 25%

Erstwhile dominant smartphone maker BlackBerry is apparently showing signs of market stagnation. In the earnings report for the first quarter of 2013, company’s CEO Thorsten Heins, while emphasizing “Strong demand” & “Good reception” for the company latest series of smartphones, did not divulge the actual sales figures for these devices, sparking wide-spread caution and skepticism about the worthiness of these efforts and the company in general.


This comes as a surprise since Blackberry was supposed to have landed a big buyer who had allegedly placed a buy order of 1 Million devices from the latest line of BlackBerry Devices.  The reason to withhold this crucial information, despite the fact these phones have now been available for an entire quarter to calculate their market worthiness, is still not known.

In terms of overall sales figures too, BlackBerry is stalling. The CEO revealed that the company managed to ‘ship’ a total of 6.8 Million smartphones. This might be a good number, but in the same note, it was revealed that only 40% of these were the BlackBerry 10 devices, meaning the Z10 & Q10. Translated into numbers, it means the company merely shipped 2.7 Million BB10 devices. However, there’s no actual confirmation about how many actually landed into consumers’ hand a.k.a were sold.

In the final few months of last year, BlackBerry had appeared quite enthusiastic about its latest Smartphone Operating System iteration; BB OS 10. This was touted as being revolutionary. Interestingly, market reaction was quite conducive too & stocks rose respectfully. However, mere positive emotions haven’t been able to keep the company buoyant. More so, the CEO is quick to add, “The Company is still in the early stages of rolling out and marketing the products. We are in the middle of it, so it’s really too early to say.

While Heins has been urging supporters to be patient as, “We [BlackBerry] are one year smarter, one year tougher and one year more successful”, stocks have plummeted as much as 25% in a single day. Though the sales figures of physical devices may have been poorer than expected, BlackBerry has taken some positive steps to ensure its long-term survival. But will it be enough to help the company crawl out such adversities?

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