RCom Announces Partnership With Apple, Offers 50 Percent Discount On 3G Plans For iPhone

Reliance Communications today announced a tie-up with Apple wherein they will provide special data plans for iPhone users. This partnership pointed out that it will provide 50% discount on data service on its 3G network to iPhone users. Also users will be provided with free access to Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and other services to the several other iPhone users on this network. It is understood that RCom is gunning to claim 40 million smartphone users out of 140 million over the next two to three years.


Speaking about the initiative, Gurdeep Singh, chief executive (wireless business), Reliance Communications said,

There will be around 140 million more smartphone users in India over the next two or three years. We are gunning to get 40 million of them.  The definition of a subscriber ARPU is dead, it is now the screen size that determines the ARPU. The larger the screen, the more the ARPU.”

At present, there is very little information available on this matter, but it is inferred that RCom will provide users 6GB of 3G data for Rs 804 a month. If you compare it with Airtel, then Airtel offers 1.2GB data at the same price but supply the user will other benefits like more free calling minutes and SMS. These specific plans will be provided in seven cities including Delhi and Mumbai to begin with, and then will eventually be rolled out in more cities in the future.

Telecom operators partnering and implementing operator pacts has promoted a new trend presently. Such developments will assist in bringing the CDMA technology version iPhone to India. We can look forward to view iPhones running on the CDMA network for the first time in India with Reliance inking the pact and making the iPhone available on its network.

The availability of a CDMA iPhone is not a new prospect in the current market because CDMA iPhones are already present in other parts of the world like Verizon and Sprint networks in the US. It is a questionable aspect as to how RCom will manage to sell a CDMA phone in the market which is hugely populated by GSM phones (unlocked ones); however it remains to be seen at what cost and special plans the RCom CDMA iPhone will arrive with in the market.

The potential growth of this trend may help in luring the Indian budget users to experience iOS.

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