Google Adds Four BYOD Management Features To Android Devices

Google has launched a slew of new Android device management system with an effort to capitalize on the current Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend. The Google Apps for Business, Government and Education allow businesses to manage employee smartphones and tablets used for business from the Google Apps Admin console.  The Google App suite enables users to use web mail, calendars, cloud storage, and video meetings through Google’s consumer products, Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, and Hangouts.


The search engine giant has rolled out four new Android device management features to help control devices brought in by employees. Companies using Google Apps with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programs in place can now give administrators better control over corporate data with less effect on user’s personal data.

Here are the four features:

1. Selective wipe - This feature will allow administrators to remove all of the Google Apps account data without having to wipe the complete device.

2. SD card wipe -  Users are now able to wipe SD cards in addition to internal memory during a full device wipe.

3Device Policy app - Ensure that security policies are enforced across all devices by requiring the latest version of the Device Policy app.

4. Wi-Fi configuration - This allows admins to enter the WiFi settings once from the admin console and automatically push out to all managed Android devices.

Earlier in May Google launched Google Admin App which allows admins to perform many common tasks right on their phones and tablets. Google India announced a 45% reduction of fees to encourage small business adopt cloud technology. Last week Blackberry launched ‘Secured work space’ service which helps the users to keep both personal data and work related information separately on a single device.

The BYOD policy is gaining a lot of traction in the corporate world and this trend will gain momentum even further in near future. What do you feel? Does your company follow this trend? Let us know with your comments.

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