Fakedefender Malware Locks Up Android Devices And Holds Them For Ransom

Considering that Android is available as an open source project, the developers and enthusiasts possess a series of opportunities to carry out various tips and tricks on this platform. Thus the platform’s popularity has led to a series of customization aspects and a variety of apps and other services being provided for a consumer. Usually users safeguard their desktops from malware, threats by installing antivirus software. But with respect to Smartphones, this preventive measure is taken casually which provides that window of opportunity for the malware agents to creep in.

Android malware is increasing and just recently antivirus experts like Symantec and Sophos have highlighted the rise of a fake antivirus app which has been specifically dedicated to extort money from the users. It is regarded to be first ransomware threat which is targeting the Android users. Android Defender Platinum, a FakeAV malware is the app which is gaining momentum by misrepresenting the status of the Android device by residing some faux threat that is responsible for tricking users.


Android.Fakedefender has been identified as the threat which locks up the device just like ransomware. This antivirus app can be a mistakenly installed program by the victim. When you install this app on your device, several set of messages will be displayed about viruses. Next you are requested a fee for the purpose of “cleaning” your device. This is the trap because the app doesn’t assist in fulfilling the motive, but this action is just performed for extortion purposes. Incase you don’t pay up the fee, the app will devise a method to prevent your phone to be used in any way. The threat is responsible for entirely changing the settings of the system and the user will be forced to do a hard reset because the user doesn’t have the right to perform a factory data reset operation.

The best part is that this app cannot be installed directly or by the normal process of installing apps as it is a third party app which requires download from corrupt websites or unscrupulous links. However, if you have presented a casual approach and relaxed conditions with respect to your phone’s security, then you stand at a risk and you may want to rectify this aspect by changing Settings. Traditionally Android users are provided with security settings which help in blocking of apps that need to be installed from “unknown sources.” Such a development isn’t even close to a threat if you don’t have the “unknown sources box” checked off in your Android settings.

You can watch a detailed video about the app and its operation here.

Such developments broadly highlight that there exists a major chink with respect to the Android platform devices, be it concerning a phone or a tablet market. If such threats keep growing and cause severe damage to the customers, maybe we may see a sizeable amount of Android users shifting to the iOS platform for avoiding the malware and virus issues. Indeed, iOS is less flexible and more expensive if you compare it to Android, but it fulfils the necessary purpose of protecting the system from significant malware and virus threats. Otherwise, we might be entering a phase where it is very important to be run protection on our phones.

As Smartphones continue to become integral parts of our lives, is it worthwhile to get the threat to you or will you prefer to install security software on your phone??

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