Samsung India To Launch 200 Products In 2013!

As Samsung advances to achieve a foothold in the competitive market, the Korean electronics major has become a dominant force with the launch of a wide range of products in India. It almost appears as if Samsung has managed to ship more Smartphones than any other rival competitor or company. With the development in technology, Samsung has focused on an overload strategy by adopting a product launch spree in India. This is proved by the recent announcement that Samsung India plans to unveil more than 200 new models across categories slated for year 2013 itself. The supremacy has been highlighted by the fact that Samsung is even planning to localize its global flagship and premium models.


Traditionally, it is known that Samsung brings out innovations from the very low-range to mid-range high-end phones and tablets. In this manner, it manages to cover various categories by unveiling a wide range of products from small phones to tablets, and even phablets. Along these lines, Samsung is leading the change to be the chief competitor by trying to cement a place in the market with the exciting range of products that have been slated to be launched over this year.

Last year, Samsung India transformed into the largest electronics and consumer goods Company in India with revenue of Rs 27,000 crore. We have already seen the launch of Galaxy Series Smartphones, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Fame, Galaxy Young, Galaxy Star, Galaxy Grand Quattro, Galaxy Mega, Galaxy Tab 2 and Galaxy Pocket Neo, along with the launch of the Rex series. Apart from these innovations, Samsung has also announced over 20 new flat panel televisions, 30 new models of air-conditioners and refrigerators each. With the current trend of launching products, Samsung has established itself as a forerunner with the ability to uproot some of the key players in these markets. Establishing foothold in a number of markets will surely make Apple sweat.

As several speculations arise with respect to new products, the impact of this strategy is a disputable aspect. The huge amount of choices that are available can turn out to harm negatively or can also serve as a positive result. Samsung has allowed users to be to a wide variety of choices with respect to Smartphones and Tablets in multiple screen sizes and the consumers have the option to pick the device which best fits in reference to their usage. This is indeed an overwhelming aspect; however such a choice overload can result in a detrimental way as well. Due to the large amount of options, a to-be Samsung customer may simply buy an iPhone instead of complicating the buying process being lost in the huge pool of options.

With Samsung launching a wide range of devices and providing the consumers a “huge pool to choose from” or a “more choice” direction oriented market; do you think that Samsung is spamming and over loading the market?

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