New Google Groups Comes With Better Features

Since its launch many years ago, Google Groups has been an easy way for Gmail users to interact with people and get a discussion going. I have used it to plan events, shows and even get some work done. Since the advent of Facebook and its groups feature, we have slowly seen Google Groups becoming irrelevant. Groups still retains loyal users who have been taking part in discussions since a long time. The killer part of a Groups has always been its forum capabilities and its accessibility via Gmail. However, Google sort of neglected it when it was busy aligning itself with social networking, Android etc.

Google seems to be paying attention to it now, though. The new Google Groups is live and available to all Google users and sports a UI consistent with other Google products. The new version has some solid features that have been added over the course of last year which include better moderation, task assignment, rich text editing, keyboard shortcuts, nicknames, photos, mobile web capabilities and translations.

Here are some screenshots of the new Google Groups.





Groups always had good functionality but this new update makes it an absolute pleasure to use. The new features are extremely handy and allow users to express them completely as compared to the previous version which relied majorly on just text responses.

Besides being extremely useful to catch up and plan with your friends, school and college mates, I see a good use-case for smaller and mid-size companies. Those enterprises which use Google Apps will definitely find this simple and less messy solution as opposed to marking the whole company on mail. The new moderation and assignment features makes the product a useful task management system as well.

Give it a spin and tell us how you like the new Groups.

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