BlackBerry Launches “Secure Work-Space” Service For Android, iPhones

As BlackBerry competes to regain ground in the smartphone arena, it has taken steps towards bringing its services to the Android & Apple platforms. The announcement of such a service helps the users to keep both personal data and work related information separately on a single device. Therefore it provides a helpful resource for government agencies and corporate clients in order to secure and manage devices based on the Android and iOS platforms.


The latest offering will be managed through BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 (BES) and its incorporation will result in providing a secure workspace for the Android and iOS users. Thus a proper compartmentalization aspect can be seen with the development of such a service. Various corporate applications like e-mails, calendar, contacts, memos, document editing and tasks (to-do lists) can be conserved separate from the users’ other personal apps. The availability of such proper compartment type sections is a unique aspect for any handset.

As BlackBerry aims at preventing data leakage or transfer by presenting out a secure solution, few actions like copy and paste also will not be allowed between the Secure Work Space elements and the personal workspace. In order to ensure that the information is securely available, the service will create a fully encrypted AES-256-bit tunnel to the BES server so that information originating from the device is secure. Another utility is that the organization’s IT personnel are also able to remotely wipe the Secure Work Space elements in case the individual leaves the organization. This process is executed without even affecting the personal data or apps on the device.

Announcing the launch of Secure Work Space for Android, iOS, David Smith, the head of enterprise mobile computing at BlackBerry said,

With an integrated management console, our clients can now see all of the devices they have on their network, manage those devices and connect to them securely. We now also have a secure work space on Android and iOS that allows our clients to secure and manage the data on those devices as well.”

Rather than implementing a commanding change towards users of Samsung or Apple devices, BlackBerry has smartly devised a plan to work with these forces than against it. This has resulted into the development of a valuable resource to the corporate users who can seamlessly integrate balancing businesses control and personal workspace. By completely working against the trend, BlackBerry highlights the fact that it is working towards a long term goal than achieving short term success and fading away. However, the launch of this service will help BlackBerry to reclaim a portion marketshare that was lost previously to its competitors.

Image Courtesy |   news.cnet

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