After Person Finder App, Google Launches Crisis Map To Aid Uttarakhand Rescue Operations

Soon after launching the ‘Person Finder‘ web app to help find missing persons in the flood-affected areas of Uttarakhand, Google has now rolled out ’Google Crisis Response Map‘. The crisis map will be provide latest updates about the places affected, relief centers and road closures.

google crisis map

“This crisis map is only an early version aimed at providing quick information, such as, places affected, relief centers and road closures“, Google’s senior product manager Jayanth Mysore said in a blog post.  The Crisis Map shows roads and terrains and also information about which areas under high impact and medium impact areas.  The map has colour coded the areas according to levels of flooding. It further include the latest satellite imagery and available information like storm paths, flood zones, evacuation routes, shelter locations, and power outages.

However, Google warns that the information on the maps is as accurate as possible according to the scant information available to them.

“We rely on all of you to contribute better information and improve the accuracy over the coming days. In case you do have information to share, please write in to“, added Mysore.

Google had launched a similar crisis map in Oklahama City, US when it was affected by Tornado in May this year. I believe the map can be used a great source of information that can be used by recovery workers. Meanwhile, the Google ‘Person Finder’ web app is also proving to be helpful and at the time of writing this article it had tracked 6800 records. I hope that even the Crisis Map gives out similar successful result.

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