Prasar Bharti Goes Digital With DD, AIR Apps For Mobiles, Tablets

Public broadcaster, Prasar Bharti is planning to launch mobile applications for Doordarshan (DD) and All India Radio (AIR) that will provide news and entertainment on mobile and tablets, reports TOI. The apps will also showcase rare archival material to viewers. In order to build funds for the initiative, the public broadcaster plans to sell excess land. According to the officials, the next step will be to create and develop these mobile apps which are likely to be in operation in the next six months.

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The archival material which will be accessed by viewers is being presently digitized and could be available on a subscription based model. The media organization also hopes to earn advertising revenue to the tune of Rs 200 crore with eventually digital media earning 25-30% of its revenue.

According to the report, “The apps for news service will be a priority. Prasar Bharati has an unenviable credible network through the length and breadth of the country that will be put to use. It has the potential of creating its own niche amid the private news broadcasters“.

The need to enter the digital platform is a move recommended by the expert committee on digital and social media, as per the report. DD and AIR have garnered a fair amount of traction on YouTube channels and Twitter accounts. Currently DD News has 2,000 followers on Twitter and receives 700 views per day on Youtube for its 1,700 videos uploaded till date. Even AIR has a good 24,000 followers on Twitter.

Earlier in March this year, the 83 year old Indian radio station rolled out AIR News app on Android. Last week we reported that India’s legendary 160 year-old Telegram service will be discontinued from July 15th. It is really great to see the oldest broadcaster in India is planning to adopt modern digital technology and evolve for better. The Indian Meteorology Department also announced a weather data app a year ago but has still not managed to launch it.

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