Shopify To Expand Footprint In Asia With Help From Singapore’s Singtel

Shopify, an e-commerce building platform has partnered Singapore’s Telecommunications player Singtel to expand its footprint in major Asian regions. Singtel will assist the company in establishing & developing Shopify’s presence in Indonesia, India, Singapore & Malaysia.


How can a telecommunications player help an e-Commerce platform?

Singtel offers online Software as a Service (SaaS), wherein it helps offline merchants establish an online web-business. These digital storefronts are hosted on Shopify’s network & the company also offers ancillary services pertaining to sales & marketing including search engine marketing, social network integration, inventory management, email marketing capabilities & payment processing As for Singtel, the company will offer multiple back-end services using its own operations as BPO nodes. Singtel has already initiated an multi-sector awareness campaign which involves promoting Shopify to businesses via online marketing and direct sales channels. Additionally, Singtel’s website will soon feature a direct link to Shopify’s merchant program. If that’s not all, being a mobile service provider, Singtel’s customer care call-center will also be deployed to offer technical support to Shopify’s partner merchants.

Interestingly, Shopify is already active in India, but evidently hasn’t been aggressive about its expansion. However, the online marketplace segment is heating up for two reasons. While the Government is directly encouraging inventory-based web-companies to shift to this model, other e-Commerce players are coming up with similar endeavors.

Online marketplace appears to be the next evolutionary stage for web-businesses. Thankfully, companies like these are making it easier than ever for small merchants to have a fully-functioning web-presence. The claimed facts that Shopify has successfully enabled over 50,000 online stores & has a user-base spread across, almost 80 countries, should offer a fighting chance to entice companies into its foray. What do you think?

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