Cleartrip Launches A New Web Experience

It has always been a pleasure to see how committed the folks at Cleartrip are towards product design and the consumer experience. Over the last year we have covered Cleartrip’s efforts in delivering a better mobile experience to their users. Today, the company has announced the complete redesign of its web experience. The redesigned webpage features a much cleaner and simpler design than the previous iteration and represents the final stage in the service’s redesign efforts.


The new experience is now live on their website. In a blogpost, Hrush Bhatt of Cleartrip talks about how they had planned the complete redesign of their services but it seemed hard to push it out across their complete offerings. Thus a phase wise approach was taken. The process began with the redesign of Cleartrip Account. The second step was the  redesign of their booking process. Today’s development marks the final phase of their redesign efforts which was internally codenamed as ‘Tuxedo’. It has taken a year for the Cleartrip team to get the whole thing done.

Here are some screenshots of the redesigned website,

Cleartrip - Redesigned Hotels

Cleartrip - Redesigned Flights

Cleartrip - Airfare Calendar

Having a design first mentality is extremely important for digital startups and businesses in the country. Having good design is not about just looking good. It is more about having a clear, simple and intuitive process which your user can follow as they navigate and use your products.  We hope many more companies in India take a cue from the importance that Cleartrip gives to its product design and consumer experience.

Website | Cleartrip

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  1. June 20, 2013 at 6:07 pm #

    Cleartrip was my favorite site since its launched.. and now its even better :) good work guys..

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