Google introduces ‘Product Listing Ads’ in India

In a bid to enhance users shopping experience and help merchants leverage its platform, Google India has launched ‘Product Listing Ads’ in India. The new ad format which will appear on the right side of the search results will provide users with shopping-related queries. Product Listing Ads will give users information like images, price and brands of products thereby helping them to shop better both online and offline.


When I checked, the product listing ads were present. I tried to search Samsung Galaxy S4 and found the ads on the right side of search results. For now it looks like Google has partnered with e-tailers like Flipkart, Naaptol, Homeshop18 etc. The product listing ads also feature big images of the product along with prices which is a big upgrade over previous link based ads. Also, the ads which are titled as ‘Sponsored’  links directly to the sellers product page. However, when I checked while writing the post, the product listing ads have not yet arrived on mobile browsers.

“We are excited about building delightful shopping experiences for consumers in close partnership with merchants. The new Product Listing Ads will help shoppers turn their intentions into actions lightning fast. Today’s changes are a first step toward providing technology, tools and traffic to help power the Indian retail ecosystem”, said Google in a company statement.

Product Listing Ads are a great opportunity for merchants to present their business and promote their products to interested shoppers as well. Although the new ad format by Google is a way to improve the quality of listings, it will make life harder for e-commerce firms as it would raise their costs to appear in shopping search results. The product listing ads will also rake big moolah for Google as there will be an increase in number of clicks.

Here is a video which walks you through the product listings ad service.

I believe the addition of product listing ad will increase competition in the advertising space. Also, it might raise doubts in some people’s minds about whether Google’s search engine could still be seen as fair and impartial if its results were affected by who paid it for shopping listings. This also brings light to the fact that free clicks are declining by day with rise in paid clicks. This will eventually increase ad cost and make competition fierce. Google has already captured more than 50% of global mobile ad revenue and if it brings product listing ads to mobile its share in the ad revenue will only shoot up further.

What do you think about Google’s new ad format? Let us know.

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