Yahoo To Recycle E-mail Ids By offering Inactive Handles To New Subscribers

Search, news & content aggregation portal Yahoo Inc. has found out a novel idea to recycle e-mail ids that no longer see any activity. Yahoo will give away dormant E-mail Ids to new users who wish to avail a handle that was previously unavailable.


The program announced yesterday, will contradict earlier claims & will offer a rare chance to pick up unique names which were once used, but later were steadily neglected by Yahoo’s subscribers.  More often than not, users quickly pick up unique names & then genuine users are deprived of usernames of their choice. The revival of the dormant accounts seems to match well with Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s long term efforts to create more enthusiasm about the internet pioneer that has clearly fallen out of fashion in light of growing dominance of other players like Google with Gmail. Additionally Microsoft too recently retired Hotmail to make way for new & improved spam-free Outlook email.

One of Yahoo’s main concerns is the rapid decline in e-mail users as people readily opted for Gmail. To ensure users flock back to Yahoo’s offering, Mayer has been personally involved with the redesign of the email service along with the main home page and Flickr photo service. Not to mention, she was in the news a lot lately for her tech startup acquisitions including news collation service Tumblr for a princely sum of US$ 1.1 Billion.

How to get that coveted id?

Unfortunately, Yahoo is not declaring the e-mail id pool that will be freed up. Hence it is advised that users who wish to have a unique & desired id should visit Yahoo post July 15. This date is apparently the deadline Yahoo will release inactive accounts unless the current owner logs in again before the scheduled ultimatum.

Yahoo is apparently trying to lure back users. It hopes that once users start using Yahoo’s mail service, they will realize other useful & attractive features & content that will entice them to re-visit. Once users become regular they will help Yahoo make more money by beaming contextual & relevant advertising. Do you think such a technique will work?

Image Courtesy |  thenextweb

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