Zomato Plans To Redesign Its Rating Protocols After Lemp Incident

The power of Social Media & Internet is a very interesting one. Zomato experienced the same owing to a few teenagers. Their experience after opting to go to a restaurant based on information obtained from Zomato, went viral and prompted the local listings and deals company to relook at their rating & information mechanisms.


How did the Internet help?

In this case the internet helped a few teenagers spread the word about a restaurant whose staff & service left a lot to be desired. Apparently, a few youngsters decided to have an exotic Hawaiian Meal complete with starters & refreshments, based on a selection they made on Zomato.com. But upon turning up at the venue, nothing was as advertised & the patrons eventually ended up with an argument. Being meted out a less than cordial service, the youngsters decided to narrate the entire episode on Social Media which promptly went viral within a day & brought out voices of multiple patrons who were treated poorly & dealt with rudely by the same restaurant.

Daily deals & offers site Zomato & others like Burrp.com have been traditionally valued for their real-life reviews of the restaurants & other places of interest. However, this incident clearly revealed the dark underside of the offers that are routinely advertised on such sites. In its response, Zomato had this to say,

Zomato only displays what is sent to us via email by the restaurant owners or their PR firms. So essentially, all these offers are validated offers from the management itself. However, whether the restaurant eventually honors the offer is entirely up to the restaurant. In this case, what has been outlined in the blog against Lemp is that the manager even confirmed the offer on the phone, but refused to honor it on the premises. There is nothing anyone can do about such behavior.”

While the site has confirmed it doesn’t delete negative reviews, it did reveal that it takes precautions to eliminate abusive ones.

Realizing that this situation, if not remedied, may be linked back to the listing on Zomato that wasn’t honored at all, the site has decided to redesign the rating mechanism & improve the search parameters. The domain will offer standardized 1 – 5 Star rating system & even create a search technique that allows potential patrons to filter the reviews based on the Star rating.

The internet & sites like these have been helping us locate lucrative offers & earning pretty handsomely. Do you think it is time to ake some additional responsibility in ensuring credibility of the advertised content?

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