Smartphone Shipment To Soar 32.7% In 2013: IDC

Lower costs of handsets and increased adoption in the emerging markets will push worldwide smartphone shipments close to 1 billion by end of 2013, according to a new forecast from IDC. The report reveals that global smartphone shipments are expected to grow 32.7% year over year in 2013 reaching 958.8 million units, up from 722.5 million units a year earlier. In first quarter of 2013, smartphones sales for the first time surpassed that of feature phones for the first time in 2013. Now, IDC expects that smartphone shipments will surpass those of feature phones, with smartphones expected to account for 52.2 percent of all mobile phone shipments.


This trend will continue in coming quarters with rising demands from¬†emerging markets, which will account for 65% of all smartphones shipped during 2013. That’s an increase from 43 percent in 2010. Ryan Reith, program manager for IDC’s Mobility Trackers, said,

“Smartphones have become increasingly common in emerging markets and it is often the first affordable means of computing for these markets. These are markets where average personal income is far less than in developed markets, and therefore vendors have been forced to create smartphone computing experiences for the low end of the market”.

Giving insights about smartphone prices IDC stated that average prices for smartphones in 2013 will be $372, down from $407 in 2012 and $443 in 2011. It further touted that the average selling price for a smartphone could be as low as $309 in 2017, IDC said. Although this is a good news for consumers it is going to be a tough time for manufacturers.

IDC smartphone emerging market table

Using older radio components has proven to be an easy cost-cutting measure for handset OEMs in the smartphone space. The IDC report states that 3G enabled smartphones will account for 70.9 percent of all smartphones shipped in 2013, and 50.1 percent of smartphones shipped in 2017.

IDC smartphone emerging market

India is one of the best potential markets for smartphone with more than 67 million smartphone users. As markets are flooding with affordable smartphones, I believe the numbers will only shoot up further in coming days.

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