Datawind Is India’s Top Tablet Maker According To Cyber Media Research

Ultra-affordable education centric tablet computer manufacturer Datawind has emerged as market leader in India’s Tablet maker segment. According to market research firm Cyber Media Research (CMR), Datawind has even managed to surpass other regional players like Micromax & foreign players like Apple Inc.


A similar survey earlier this year had indicated this possibility. The Britain headquartered Datawind makes about 6 variants that are commercially available, besides the education focused Aakash. After experiencing tremendous success with the first iteration of Aakash, the manufacturer has steadily improved the specifications & introduce mainstream features & supported newer releases of the core Operating System (OS); Google’s Android. If that’s not all, future iterations could even feature SIM based GSM calling apart from 3G support.

The market for tablets is surprisingly going through a slight cool-off phase. The market experienced a surge of more than 150% on a Year-on-Year (YoY) basis.  CMR estimated a sale of about 10,000 tablets per day during the first quarter of 2013. But oddly, the sales have fallen by more than 17% when compared to the immediately preceding quarter (September – December 2012). In terms of figures about 905,000 tablets were sold during the period compared to 1,097902 units in the previous quarter.

Is the Tablet market plateauing?

Tablets seem to have bridged the gap between smartphones & portable computing. With powerful internals & affordable pricing, the tablets feature best of both the segments shared Faisal Kawoosa, analyst at Cyber Media,

The continued long-term growth in shipments of tablets in the India market further points to the fact that a large proportion of first time users of computers in emerging markets like India are getting to experience computing through this highly portable, converged form factor”.

In fact, the Phablet revolution is quietly underway. In terms of market share, Datawind seems to have 15%, followed by Apple Inc. & erstwhile leader Micromax, who each had 12% of market share. Multiple manufacturers are testing the limits of the screen sizes they can fit within the hands of Indians. Do you think the days of small screened devices are limited?

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