Opera Releases New Version Of Opera Mini Designed For Basic Phones

After making significant changes to the next version of Opera, the company has announced the availability of a newer version of the Opera Mini for basic phones. The browser’s version is now 4.5 and Opera has announced new features for it. Primary among them seems to be the new, refreshed look of the browser.


This version of the Mini introduces a download manager  which helps you be in charge of all your downloads. You can pause, stop and resume downloads just the way you do it on your desktop browsers and smartphone.

This version also introduces the new privacy feature which helps you browse the mobile web safely. The implementation is pretty basic but it fits the use case of basic phones. When you turn the privacy mode on, the browser won’t save your logins, data etc. The phone can thus be lent to your friends or colleagues or be used very safely with no risk of other people getting access to your online accounts and data.

The final improvement is the new look which is focused on minimal design and user friendliness. It also sports touch input for supported phones.

Opera has always had fans in emerging markets because of the constraints of browsing speeds. Opera Mini usage has been growing bigger in these countries because of its compression feature which ends up saving a lot of data for the normal user.  This version will make mobile web more accessible to people with basic phones, especially in smaller cities and towns.

You can download the browser by going to m.opera.com from your phone’s browser.

Source | Opera

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