LinkedIn Tweaks Account Security With Two Step Verification Via SMS

LinkedIn has joined the band of social networks offering two-factor authentication. The online professional social network  has announced that it is now going to offer an optional additional layer of account security to its users. LinkedIn’s new security measure emulates the two-step verification process of other sites and requires members to input a code, sent via SMS, when logging in from an unrecognized device for the first time.


“Most Internet accounts that become compromised are illegitimately accessed from a new or unknown computer (or device). When enabled, two-step verification makes it more difficult for unauthorized users to access your account, requiring them to have both your password and access to your mobile phone”, LinkedIn’s Vincente Silveira wrote in a blog post.

The feature can enabled through users’ security settings page and it should be available for everyone today. Two step verification significantly reduces the risk of an account being compromised through an unknown computer. Users who will go for the verification need to enter their regular password, plus a numeric code that is sent to their phone via SMS every time they log in. It is upon entering that code that the user will be given access. This makes things a bit hard for hackers as they not only need passwords, they need some way to read the code sent via SMS.

Two-step verification on LinkedIn from LinkedIn

Google, Facebook, Microsoft  are among other major companies to deploy this two-step verification process.Twitter, after a series of high profile account hacks, has also implemented two step authentication for its accounts. LinkedIn suffered from a massive hacking attack a year ago, in which a Russian hacker stole more than 6 million encrypted passwords. Social networks are under the constant threats of accounts hacked and such two step authentication process will try to curb them.

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