PlatformPlay Announces Tie-up With NLPCaptcha

PlatformPlay, Rammohan Sundaram’s new startup has announced a tie-up with the innovative CAPTCHA service called NLPCaptcha which is designed to use to the spam blocking mechanism of CAPTCHA and integrate advertising messages. The company announced that the entire sales inventory of NLPCaptcha will be moved to PlatformPlay in a phased manner.


NLPCaptcha launched in 2011 and has since since seen wide implementation across the Indian online publisher network. The boom in online advertising has ensured the presence of many brands on the CAPTCHA medium. The logic behind the NLPCaptcha seems very sound to me. Online advertising is not always effective and can be frequently annoying when it is thrust into your face. Many Internet startups have tried solving the problem of online monetization for publishers by trying to make ads (mobile, online) more relevant so that they don’t necessarily look like ads. In this case, turning the CAPTCHA into a brand message is genius because it ensures that people will read what your brand has to say. You can see the implementation below.

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Agreed, that this does not take relevancy into account but I would rather have ads on the Captcha than other forms of advertising. This could definitely be a good new stream of revenue if you are a publisher who gets a lot of interaction from your readers. Adding to this to the comments section ensures that these readers see a brand’s message.

PlatformPlay taking this up goes with their mission of helping Indian brands monetize their inventory in a better. Earlier, they announced that the company would be bringing TechCrunch events to the country.

Amit Mittal, founder of NLPCaptcha explained the reason behind handing over the monetization bit of the service to PlatformPlay.

“I think that our own sales team has done a fantastic job on the field but still we do realize that we are an ad-tech company and in order to achieve the exponential growth, we should focus on our core business and handover the monetization part in the hands of the right partner. Tie-up with PlatformPlay is a strategic decision and PlatformPlay would now be driving the monetization part of the business while we continue to focus on more innovative product offerings, driving the client side relationship & understanding their needs and expanding to new geographies.”

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