YouTube Turns Eight; Users Now Upload Over 100 Hours Video Per Minute

It is now 8 years since Youtube came online. YouTube users are now uploading 100 hours worth of video to the content viewing platform every single minute, according to the company blog post.


YouTube now claims four days worth of video uploaded every minute and 144 billion minutes of playable video uploaded every single day.  Back in 2011, YouTube users were adding 48 hours of video per minute, while that figure jumped to 72 hours per week last year.

2013 has already been a year of milestones for YouTube. Google announced in March that the site now has over one billion unique visitors a month, and this month YouTube announced a pilot program for paid channel subscriptions and also revealed it would allow channels with over 1,000 subscribers to add live streaming features.

“We’d like to thank you for making YouTube the special place that it is. For showing us how video can create connection, transcend borders, and make a difference”, concluded the YouTube post.

Google acquired YouTube in October 2006 for $1.65 billion. With YouTube attracting such a massive amount of content  and users, I believe we might see YouTube integration with other Google platforms. India has seen a huge increase in total online video consumption since past two years. As per the latest report from comScore, India has watched 3.7 billion videos per month on their personal computers. These numbers are only going to shoot up further with increasing use of smartphones and internet.

Image Courtesy |  youtube

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