Apple App Store Touches 50 Billionth App Download Milestone

Apple’s App Store has passed yet another benchmark: it has now logged 50 billion app downloads on its range of iOS devices: iPhone, iPad and the iPad mini. The tech giant itself confirmed this via the countdown timer on Apple’s website and in iTunes.


Last week, Apple had stated that whoever would download the 50th billion app on the App Store would receive a fat prize of $10,000 App Store gift card and the 50 people who download apps subsequently after that each will receive a $500 gift card. Apple has not announced the winners, but I’m expecting their word to come out soon too.

Apple’s last big contest for the App Store was for the 25 billion benchmark in March 2012. Chunli Fu, a customer from Qingdao, China, was the winner, nabbing a $10,000 gift card and a trip to one of Apple’s stores to pick it up. In February of this year, Apple paid out a 10,000-euro iTunes gift card for the 25th billion song sold on iTunes.

The real news is the phenomenon of growth to be noted here. Since launching in 2008, the App Store has seen significant growth. Apple in April 2009 launched a countdown to 1 billion app downloads, which was followed by the 10 billionth download, less than two years later 35 billion apps, implying that 15 billion apps have been downloaded in the past seven months alone. The App Store has also been a huge moneymaker for Apple, which collects 30 percent of the revenue from its app store, which comes to about $3.86 billion since 2008. I think these statistics and data represent the significant volumes in which the app market is booming and how consumers are more and more using apps on their smartphones.

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