ApnaCircle Rolls Out Its Android App

After launching its native Blackberry App last year, professional networking site ApnaCricle.com has launched its Android app. The site which is built on three pillars of business, career and networking is popularly known as India’s LinkedIn. ApnaCircle app enables users to  modify or build a new account or a profile.


We can see six tabs like My Contacts, Add Contacts, Messages, News, Visits and My Profiles soon as we launch the app. Android users can manage their contacts, connection requests, messages and even edit their education, professional experience etc through the easy edit mode on the app. The app integrates your contacts and hence allows registered users to call their professional contacts directly from your phone.




Along with this the app also supports Skype integration which is a unique feature. It further includes an address book and allows users to read and reply to messages within itself.

Speaking about the launch Yogesh Bansal, Founder and CEO ApnaCircle.com said “We have big expectations from the android app given its potential in India.  This version of the app harnesses the power of Android to not only make networking and connectivity extremely convenient but to also update you on industry news. The next version shall have more features embedded in it.”  

The application is pretty responsive and has a simple user interface. It also provides real-time notifications for new messages and connection requests. Even though the app has all the basic features that are available on its website it lacks some of the important ones like ‘Career Timeline‘ and Career Visualizer. ApnaCircle.com, which was founded by Mr. Yogesh Bansal and which is now a Viadeo Group Company, revamped its user-interface to enable easy navigation. It also added company page feature to the service which will now enable companies to highlight and share important news, products and career opportunities on the network.

There is a shift in ways in which companies are recruiting and individuals seeking jobs. Your resumes are getting social considering the large amount of time spent on social media. Do you use ApnaCircle.com and will you download the latest app? Let us know.

You can download Apnacircle’s android app here.

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