Microsoft Outlook Gets Google Talk Integration

Microsoft recently retired its Hotmail Service & went all out in ensuring its users migrate safely to its newer avatar; Now the revamped & reworked iteration features core integration of Google’s instant messaging platform, Google Talk, more commonly known as GTalk.


How did Google agree to such a synergy?

Google has a competitive product in the form of Google Mail or Gmail. GTalk was initially intended to bolster the offering with the ability to infuse Live Chatting feature so that users need not leave Google’s Ecosystem to indulge in live conversations with their friends.

Hence it might seem a bit odd that Google allowed such an amalgamation into a rival’s competitive product. However, if one observes, the GTalk service has an Application Programing Interface (API) that can be used freely by any software provider or developer. It was essentially designed to allow website developers to integrate GTalk within the website itself. Similar to the Facebook-based Commenting system, Microsoft has merely added these APIs within The Redmond based company had earlier, seamlessly integrated Video Conferencing tool Skype & Cloud-based Storage SkyDrive within Outlook. Interestingly, the company seems to have gone a step ahead & even included Google’s Calendar & it’s Contacts APIs too.

Why is Microsoft borrowing features instead of developing themselves?

One would assume, given the vast resources at Microsoft, that the company will develop such tools itself. But, by infusing ready-to-use products, the company has achieved a two-pronged benefit. Google’s products are already being used by Millions & Outlook is fairly new. By leveraging Google’s traction, Microsoft can easily further Outlook’s appeal. Secondly, Microsoft must have saved a lot of man-power coming up with products which are already perfected.

Being able to use Google’s products within Microsoft’s e-mail is certainly a sign of enhanced user-friendliness & synergy between the two internet giants. Given the fact that opened its gates with a ready user base of 60 Million & currently has over 400 Million users, do you think such perks will ensure long-term traction & appeal?

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