Koenig Solutions Claims To Deploy World’s Largest IT Training Center In Delhi

Claiming the title of World’s Largest IT Training Center, Koenig Solutions has inaugurated an Offshore Campus in Delhi, Capital of India.

Spread over 18,000 sq. ft., the campus houses 70 Lecture rooms & 30 Testing Stations. Amidst amenities that rival top MNC companies, the Training Center boasts of offering end-to-end facilities that are fully equipped of imparting real-world Tech Knowledge which is woefully sought by Tech Companies & other industries alike.


Offshore Training Centers have been growing in importance in bringing down time & expenditure in getting companies’ employees up-to-date with mainstream technologies. Additionally, with multiple Test beds, these facilities offer real-time practice sessions so that an employee can become productive in true sense right out of such academies.

Do such Training Centers contribute to the economy as well? “IT training and certification today is a US$ 20 Billion industry worldwide and the education tourism market in India alone could become US$ 1 Billion by 2020. Koenig’s education tourism business model is unique and aims to tap this growing market” shared Rohit Aggarwal, CEO and founder, Koenig Solutions

Essentially an education center, Koenig Solutions’ Campuses offer a great deal of support system to the modern-day education systems & it’s the decentralization that is of great value addition beamed Aggarwal, “We have a total of five centers in India — Goa, Shimla, Dehradhun, Delhi and Bangalore — as well as a training facility in Dubai. There are plans in place to expand it further in more such tourist centers.” If that’s not all, the company is gearing up to erect more such facilities in Tier II & III cities like Pune, Chennai apart from bringing up West, South and East African regions up to speed as well.

Offshore Education & Training Facilities have now become flexible & competent enough to stay one step ahead of the learning curve & help employees of large corporations do the same. If these can offer such facilities at an expenditure which is significantly lower than conducting an in-house training program, they will surely enjoy long-term & sustained adoption. What do you think?

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