Internet Giants Are Setting Up Data Centers In Singapore Despite Robust Usage Growth In India

There is no doubt that India’s Internet Growth is accelerating at never before seen pace. Fueled by rapid proliferation of portable electronics Indians are using more internet based products & services than ever before. However, Internet Giants seem to have completely ignored these healthy growth signals & are favouring relatively smaller destinations like Singapore to host their Data Centers.


Why is India being side-tracked?  While Oracle has already deployed & initiated operations at its Data Center in Singapore, Google will soon have its own  primarily to support its burgeoning video-streaming site YouTube. Besides these, Facebook which has been garnering heavy traction from India has yet to setup any such center here.

One could speculate that the repetitive big-brother attitude of the Indian Government may be causing this. On quite a few occasions we have seen the high-handed behavior of the Government in arm-twisting the companies, in order to have jurisdiction as well as monitoring authority in the name of National Security.

However, multiple other real-world infrastructural & policy based hurdles seem to be routinely discouraging tech companies to even consider India as a viable choice to deploy a Data Center. India has still not been able to produce the most basic of all requirements; Electricity in surplus. Besides, India’s internet capability is not much more than being referred to as ordinary. With Flaky internet, non-reliable & patchy Optical-Fibre Connectivity & complete absence of assurance that the Data Center will run with near 100% reliability are the concerns that constantly plague the decision to bring huge data centers in India.

With such physical restraints can Internet Companies be urged to even consider hosting their data from Indian Territory?

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