Google Maps Will Get A New Look Soon; Will Sport Google+ Integration

Google Maps have been the go to web based mapping tool used by pretty much everyone since its launch. Over the years, the interface of maps has changed very subtly even as new features have come into play. According to sources, Google is going redesign the interface of Maps soon. This will probably be announced during the Google I/O event next week.


According to some screenshots that have surfaced, one of the major changes that we can see is the removal of the sidebar. All the information which previously showed up on the sidebar will now be displayed on the top of the map.4


There is a tighter Google+ integration in the Maps where you can restrict search results based on the top place reviews from people in your Google+ circles. Advertising has also been redesigned as you can see in the above image. The bottom of the maps interface has a ticker of relevant photos running below.  This is not present by default and can be dropped down whenever needed.  The search bar on top and the results are designed with the new Google Now card interface design in mind. 


Overall, the new maps interface is super minimalistic and extremely clean. The focus is clearly on the map rather than navigational elements, which is always a good thing. The tighter Google+ integration is significant in this case since Google Maps is used by just about everyone out there irrespective of platforms. If Google keeps this Google+ integration drive going, user will probably realize that using Google+ will make it easier for them use Google products on a whole.

What do you think about the redesign and the Google+ plugin? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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