BitTorrent Shows New Way For Artists To Make Money Off Their Music

BitTorrent Inc. is much maligned for its association with global content piracy. For the record, BitTorrent is a legit company which specializes in making data and content move freely over the internet using the p2p protocol that it has developed. However, BitTorrent is much more than this and can definitely be used for practical applications in data and content distribution.


The company has also been making moves to distance itself away from the piracy connection and contribute positively with respect to artists and legit digital content distribution. The company has announced its latest effort towards that goal and it is called BitTorrent Bundles. Bundles is an attempt to monetize digital content by making content available to users in a freemium sorta way. When you download a bundle, you get some content for free. However, if you wish to unlock more content, then you have to pay for it. The Bundle also captures email ids so that musicians can stay connected with their fans.

Here is a video explaining the product.

I think this is a really good move by the company as this gives fans options to pay for more content if they find it valuable. The product also helps maintain a good relationship between artists and fans because of the freebies that will release along with the paid content. Quite a few artists have signed up with BitTorrent for the Bundle product which is currently in alpha. You can get more information by going to the link below.

Website | BitTorrent Bundle

Source | BitTorrent Blog

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