Adobe Dumps Its Creative Suite For Creative Cloud

When Adobe launched their Creative Cloud offering last year, it was immediately clear that this would be what Adobe would bank on for the future. However, the company has many legacy apps from the Creative Suite line which have been running since a while and it would definitely take time before a transition to the new series took place. This has now happened as Adobe announced yesterday that it would be discontinuing its Creative Suite series in favor of the Creative Cloud.


Now with this announcement, not much has changed in terms of the core product offering. The apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Flash Professional etc. will be updated to the latest versions and the naming will change to CC instead of CS. All the apps will be upgraded to the latest versions on July 17th, according to the company. The Creative Cloud will only be available via the company’s online subscription service, a first for Adobe. The subscription to the complete Creative Cloud package is currently around Rs. 2700 per month for an individual user. This also gets you 20GB of cloud storage. The pricing differs for  businesses and students. You can get info about it here. The Creative Cloud will also feature Behance integration. Adobe acquired Behance in December last year. All the apps are said to be getting some significant updates that will improve them and get them to do more than what they do now.

The returns on Adobe’s strategy of taking its product to the cloud are  difficult to predict. Firstly, the monthly pricing for an individual is way too high and you don’t even get to own it after paying for it the whole year! You will have to pay the same amount (assuming the price doesn’t rise) the next year. 20 GB of cloud storage is fine but what other value would the Creative Cloud be offering to its customers so that they will pay more than what the Creative Suite cost in the first place. If they can deliver more value compared to what they are offering now, on a yearly basis, then I can see users shelling out their money. Otherwise it is going to be a problem. On the other side of the coin, we have users who have been with Adobe since a really long time and absolutely rely on their products to make a living. If they cannot afford the monthly pricing in addition to finding an alternative to Adobe’s suite of products, they will definitely be in a fix.

Adobe’s products are heavily pirated and this is common knowledge. With subscription, Adobe is looking to correct this problem, once and for all. However, what this means for those who do pirate is that they will have to stick to older versions of the software or look for alternatives. There is great opportunity here for startups. If you can build a similar creative suite or app which targets these people and charge a decent amount, I am sure that you will see good sales. The only condition is that that the feature set should match or exceed Adobe’s products.

What are your thoughts on Adobe’s move to the cloud and its impact on the creative industry? Share them with us.

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