Instagram Updates iOS And Android Apps With Photo Tagging Feature

Instagram users rejoice! You can now tag your friends in your photos with the latest app update. The popular photo sharing app has added Facebook like feature of  photo tagging to its iOS and Android apps. The feature, dubbed “Photos of You,” will allow users to tag the friends or businesses featured in their filtered snaps. Previously, the only way to find out whether a photo of you was uploaded to Instagram was to surf through your activity feed, hoping someone had mentioned your username in a caption.


When someone tags you in a photo, you will get a notification in the app and the picture will automatically show up in your “Photos of You” section inside Instagram. The new features are designed to help you more vividly capture moments, build a collection of photos you’re in, and create a curated photo history of yourself on your profile.

One of the best feature of this update is that unlike Facebook, which allows users to tag friends’ photos, Instagram photos can only be tagged by their owners. “Only you can add people to your photos, so you have control over the images you share,” Instagram said in a company blog post.

So who will be able to see your photos depends on your settings. If you want, you can keep all of your photos private by setting your profile to “private.” You can turn on a setting to require your approval before any tagged photos show up in your profile. Instagram will show your tagged images by default starting May 16, so if you want to turn on settings to hide them, you have some time to make the proper adjustments. Instagram says these new tags can be populated only with usernames, not hashtags, though hashtags still work just fine in the comments.

According to a latest report by comScore the average user spends about four hours a month on Instagram posting photos, tinkering with filters, creating hashtags and browsing streams. The new Photos of You feature has a good shot at increasing this time time further as it also adds more seamless social functionality. Instagram still does not earn any revenue from advertising, but the blog announcing “Photos of You” noted that you can tag brands in your photos now, too. It’s unclear whether user-generated photos of products or businesses will become part of Instagram’s money-making strategy going forward, but the possibilities are clearly there.

The Facebook owned camera app hit 100M user mark in February and last month it announced that nearly half of all Instagram use comes from its Android app. I believe the latest photo tag notifications could boost engagement and return visits to Instagram. You can download the update from App Store and Google Play.

Source | Instagram Blog

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