Information Management And Smart Cities Will Rely On The Internet Of Things: SAP Research

There has been an increase in the chatter surrounding the new concept of the Internet of Things this year. Simply explained, the term describes an Internet where machines/devices will be able to communicate with each other via the web and thus make decisions in terms of the nature of a request. The entire web infrastructure is already automatic but the users are overwhelmingly human. With the Internet of Things, humans won’t be the only entities jacking into this matrix. We will have devices like washing machines, refrigerators, cars or whatever devices you can think of (as long as they can access the internet), logging onto the internet to figure out things like weather, your schedule, availability of certain products. If they have your permission, these devices may be able to take some decisions also, like buying something online.


Granted that the technology will have to evolve to shape this futuristic automated vision soon, we can already see it happening. Everything is getting ‘smarter’, an allusion to the machine’s capability to access the web. We can definitely see the Internet of Things being a big boon to home-makers, factories, efficiency dependent work processes and so on. This new development will also bring  in a renewed interest in data analytics and there will definitely be a lot of data generated based on how humans and machines use the Internet. This data can then be crunched to discover patterns on a truly big scale, thus giving us a better understanding of the habits and trends in behaviour of people and processes.

SAP had commissioned a research to look into this trend of the Internet of Things and they have interesting insights to offer on this topic with respect to consumers and enterprises alike . SAP maintains that the Internet of things is a successful melding of machines, people, enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management. This in addition to Information funnels such as social media may also help in contributing to a more different web than we know of today.

Sanjay Poonen, Head of Mobile Division at SAP shares some insight about the concept,

… Machine 2 Machine (M2M) technology is primarily being used to collect vast amounts of machine and people-based data. The ‘Internet of Things’ concept goes one step further by not only integrating machines, people, ERP and CRM systems, and other information sources like social media, but also analyzing and making use of all the data. Soon, people will interact with devices that in turn interact with data to deliver personalized products and services directly to the consumer in real time…”

The study was carried out across 751 IT decision makers in Brazil, China, Germany, India, UK and the US between January 15th and February 1st this year. It threw up some good insights and they have released an infographic which details the same.

SAP Internet of Things

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