Tumblr Updates Its iOS App And Launches New Window Phone 8 App

Social blogging platform Tumblr has finally launched a dedicated  Windows Phone 8 app. The app enables Tumblr users to experience the social blogging platform on Microsoft’s mobile operating system, complete with live tiles as well as most of the features that other mobile Tumblr users have been enjoying.

The new Tumblr for Windows Phone 8 app lets you post “just about anything from just about anywhere — pictures, quotes, music, videos, chats, links, and your random musings“, according to a post on Microsoft’s Windows Phone blog.




The Windows Phone 8 app also has full GIF support and works with speech recognition so you can use your voice to dictate posts. The blog-about-anything  platform recently gave its Android app a complete makeover however the same refreshing feel is not seen in the latest Windows Phone 8 app.

Along with launching a Windows Phone 8 app, Tumblr also updated its iOS app with new social new sharing options and other features. The last update for the iOS app was done in June last year. Recognizing that users like to expand their posts beyond Tumblr, the company has enabled the Twitter and Facebook sharing feature embedded with iOS, but also allows posts to be linked to third-party apps like Tweetbot.




 It had also created a new template for posting through email. The update also brings some new navigation changes, like the ability to swipe up or down to close photos, and search your Following list, which is now alphabetized. Another update include GIFs that now animate even while you scroll but this works only on iPhone 4S or later and iPad 2 or later.

Tumblr, like other social networks, is expanding its mobile presence and therefore now has its apps on all platforms. This week Tumblr announced that it will begin rolling out ads on the mobile version of its site as well as within the iOS and Android apps. With the launch of Windows 8 app it is safe to say that we soon might see ads on this platform too.

You can download the Windows app here and update the iOS app here

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