Kapil Sibal Accuses Social Media Portals Of Acting Accomplices To Illegal Acts

Telecom and IT Minister Kapil Sibal has directly blamed social media for the rise in Terrorism & Illegal Acts.

Speaking about the dark underside of the rising proliferation of Social Media usage, the minister said, “Take drug trafficking, take terrorism….There are lot of things that is happening through social media. Now we want to go after somebody….We cannot because the identity of person is not before us”.


It is a matter of difference between Privacy & Anonymity: The internet offers varying degrees of privacy. However, it is still possible to remain completely anonymous while perpetrating all types of crime. Digital criminals now have a very easy tool in the form of Social Media feels the minister. But, such an anomaly can be greatly alleviated only if the identity can be ascertained clarified Information and Broadcasting Minister Manish Tewari, “Once you are able to make that distinction and once you are able to enforce that the identity of the person. At least authenticated to the platform that he is on, a lot of these problem specially the one that we saw the migration of people of North East from various cities, would have been taken care of”.

So what is the Government proposing?

In the past there has been ample debate & the media too has freely attacked the Government when it tried to curtail the damage. Citing a threat to basic freedom of speech, the media has openly counter-reacted with silent protests & online petitions. But formulating laws & trying to enforce rules is quite futile if there is no consensus felt the minister, “Whenever government even starts talking about any regulation on social media, the traditional media people start attacking the government”.

It is an irrefutable fact that Social Media is being used for unlawful & illegal means by many miscreants. Hence the minsters are not wrong in trying to enact regulations that at least try to confirm the identity of the internet user. What do you think?

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