Tyroo Delivers 3 Lakh Clicks And 15,000 Installs On Android Daily

Multi-Screen Performance network, Tyroo has revealed that it is seeing 300,000 clicks and 15,000 installs on Android per day. According to the company, 6% of its conversion traffic which it delivers to e-tailers, comes from mobile devices. The company also claims to drives 10000 transactions for VAS clients and has the capacity to deliver 4000 leads per day. The average cart value of e-commerce transactions driven through mobile is INR 1260 while that of VAS transactions is INR 45.


Siddharth Puri, CEO, Tyroo touted that mobile as an advertising medium holds incredible opportunities for the performance marketing industry. He said that with the variety of ad-formats that can be used, tracking mechanisms, and rise in smartphone users, mobile will become one of the largest drivers of sales/leads in the next 1 year.

Giving further insights about Tyroo he said, “We have noticed that conversion rates on calls are typically higher at about 7-10% as compared to the web where the best performing source gives conversion rates of 2.5-3%. We have also observed increased adoption from travel and auto verticals. Increasingly consumers are taking advantage of mobile to complete the end action, to book holiday packages or to enquire about test drives”.

Tyroo works with close to 50 unique advertisers and over 838 affiliates to drive calls, VAS downloads and app installs and serves upto 19 billion ad-requests per month. The companies mobile portfolio includes RAPID – Mobile APP Download, CPL Demand Generation, WAVE- Pay Per call, Cost per Acquisition. These mobile performance solutions enable existing and new advertisers to scale their digital marketing campaigns by being visible on all web, tablets and mobile.

“The goal of online advertising is to convert the final sale; we understood this premise long back and instituted Tyroo which drives a lot more than just brand visibility for advertisers. With the number of mobile users outgrowing desktop users, it’s time we move performance to mobile. I believe the industry is ready, advertisers understand the medium and are utilizing it better by implementing their learning’s from the web”, he concluded.

There is a growing demand for these domestic ad networks owing to rampant usage of smartphones and internet.

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    Nice Achievement by Tyroo

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