Twitter Is Slowly Metamorphosing Into A Media Platform; Reportedly In Talks With Viacom and NBCUniversal

The fact that Twitter would ultimately evolve to become a media platform may have been anyone’s guess but how exactly the social network was going about it was not exactly clear. However, the developments at Twitter in the last few months have made the picture much more simpler.


In the past few months, Twitter has implemented Twitter cards, expanded tweets, refined its mobile offerings, boosted advertising, brought out a video platform (vine) and finally now the Twitter Music service. When all these parts are put together, you can make out that the the social network may not be about just tweeting/microblogging anymore. It is aiming to be something much bigger in the media space. Twitter has always had the obvious advantage with  ‘news coverage’ as news definitely travels much faster on Twitter and is amplified due to the mechanisms of the social network. It seems other things like TV, films and brands also do really well on Twitter given the right strategy.

Now, it is being reported that Twitter is in talks with content houses like Viacom and NBCUniversal regarding content distribution on the platform. Techcrunch reports that this deal may finalize by the second or third week of May. Partnerships like this would allow Twitter to stream videos and get its share of the ad revenue thus generated. The reason for Twitter expanding in this direction, besides chasing revenue may be explained by user behaviour. People all around the world (and especially the US) are using Twitter to discuss what they watch on TV and is thus giving rise to this new thing called ‘Second Screen’. Mobiles are literally becoming interactive extensions of what people are watching on TV or their computers. Thus Twitter wants to actively exploit this behavior to get it to places where it can earn more revenue and thus become an active channel of media output and engagement.

Source | Techcrunch


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