Twitter Partners With IPL To Launch Special Discover Page

Twitter is doing its bit to entertain cricket lovers as curtain rises for Indian Premier League (IPL) T20 cricket championship tonight. The sixth edition of the cricket extravaganza is not just a sport but a potential market for brands and of course social media. In an initiative to tap this huge market, Twitter has joined hands with IPL to launch a set of applications and features.

For starters Twitter has unveiled Discover Page designed to encourage IPL fans around the world to sign up for Twitter, including following their favourite cricketers, teams, personalities, celebrities and more.

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It has also listed the Twitter accounts of all IPL related personalities and owners like Shah Rukh Khan (Kolkata Knight Riders), Preity Zinta (Kings XI Punjab) and so on.

The most talked about feature that Twitter would be introducing for the first time during the IPL would be the Twitter Magic Mirror. The app would be used through the entire sports tournament season for the IPL and will encourage cricketers and celebrities to tweet out candid pictures with one click through the official IPL account. Twitter had introduced Magic Mirror application during the Oscars earlier this year and the application was used to take pictures of celebrities present in the green room in a photo booth style.

Finally,Twitter will have a dedicated spot on the official IPL website that features a real-time list of curated tweets from IPL team accounts and its players. Furthermore there is also has a Tweet Counter and Team Hashtag Battle integrated into TV. Viewers will see a real-time tweet-data stream during live broadcasts. This feature will allow fans to tweet about their favorite team and their respective hashtags.

“Our relationship with Twitter, one of the world’s most popular and prominent social media platforms, will bring the fans closer to the Pepsi IPL 2013 and the cricketers participating in it, in a thoroughly engrossing, interesting and enjoyable manner,” Rajeev Shukla, Chairman, IPL, said.

IPL is without doubt the biggest sporting event of the year where people come together and share their views via social media platforms. Live streaming services also encash this opportunity. This year nexGTv, the mobile TV service developed by Digivive has partnered with Times Internet to stream the Pepsi IPL 2013 on mobile.

I wonder if Facebook will come up with such applications and features for IPL. Have you booked your IPL ticket to cheer your favourite team? Or will you support your team via Twitter? Share with us.

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