Google Pulls Plug On Its ‘Blocked Site Feature’

Soon after announcing the shuttering of Google Reader, Google has decided to take down another service. It has removed the blocked sites feature from Google Search.

Blocked Sites is discontinued   Web Search Help

Launched two years ago the feature enabled users of Google’s search engine to block select websites from appearing in the search results. That was quite handy to keep low quality sites from appearing in your search results.

Google Discontinues Blocked Sites Feature

The block feature placed a small “block” link next to any result in Google’s listings. Clicking on that link prevented any pages from that web site from appearing again in your results at Google. The Blocked Sites feature went missing last year when Google started integrating Google+ with search results.You can download a text file from Google that contains all of the domains that have been blocked by the Google account accessing the website.

Google is now recommending its users to use the official Personal Blocklist Chrome extension to block sites on Google Search when you are using Google Chrome. What will be the next feature that will fall prey to Google’s Spring cleaning? Any guesses?

Image Courtesy |  googlesystem

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