23% Women Are Entrepreneurs And 77% Are Employed – ApnaCircle.com Survey

ApnaCircle.com is a social media platform for professionals. Business, career and networking are the three pillars on which this social media site is built. In the recent past, ApnaCircle.com, which was founded by Mr. Yogesh Bansal and which is now a Viadeo Group Company, revamped its user-interface to enable easy navigation.  It also launched a Blackberry app last year so as to woo the executive crowd. The site which is also armed with a Company’s Page is accessed by professionals though it has a long way to go vis-à-vis LinkedIn.

ApnaCircle Survey - What Career Women  Want

No matter the competition, platforms like ApnaCircle.com are here to stay and grow as there is a shift in ways in which companies are recruiting and individuals seeking jobs. For one, Indians (in particular) are spending 25% of their internet time on social media and thus, resumes are always getting more social.

Recently, ApnaCircle.com conducted a pan-India survey called –unimaginatively – ‘What Career Women Want’. The sample size of this survey was four hundred and the insights are not too surprising.

Here are a few findings of the survey:

  • 40% women want to continue working after marriage and delivery a baby
  • 42% want to work till the age of 50
  • More than 30% women expected a promotion within a year on job
  • 65% women think the Indian society is male dominated

A few other parameters answered on the survey include the way women like to socialise – Mobile > Social Gatherings > Social Media and the professions women are likely to work in – Teaching-18%, HR & Admin-16%, IT & Marketing-11%.

I think the findings of the survey are pretty much in-sync with the viewpoints of most women around me. I don’t see any extraordinary information or insight coming out of this survey, though it does put a percentage on certain facts that are popularly known. If you are a woman reading this article, do you agree with survey? Let me know your thoughts.

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