Heineken Launches Campaign To Recruit A ‘Social Reporter’ From India For UEFA Champions League Final

Heineken has the knack to come up with brilliant ads and concepts that tend to go viral. A couple of years ago, they had launched a commercial with a group of boys ‘screaming’ (just like the ladies) when in a room full of Heineken beer bottles. The ad was an instant hit and went ‘viral’ when going viral wasn’t what brands were looking to do.

Now, this beer giant has decided to bring together recruitment and advertising. In a new campaign called The Candidate, Heineken looks to recruit the most able candidate from one too many hopefuls. The job at hand is simple. Heineken wants to hire a ‘Social Reporter’ to cover the UEFA Champions League Final on the Indian social media channels of the beer brand. Applications for this position are now open and Heineken is seeking a candidate who is passionate, social media savvy, loves football and is ‘ideal’ in an unconventional way for the job.


Speaking on this initiative and the start of the UEFA Champions League sponsorship in India, Samar Singh Sheikhawat, Senior Vice President Marketing, United Breweries Limited said, “Recognizing the power of digital and social media in India, this campaign will run almost entirely on Digital. We expect this initiative and our overall Champions League activation plans to give Heineken a salience boost, and connect with young urban consumers in the key consumption months of the upcoming warm Indian summer.”

This effort in India is an extension of The Candidate (London), the winner of which was Guy Luchting. A summarised video of the London Candidate is below.

I think this is a great effort by Heineken to gain leverage from the UEFA’s massive fan following and their sponsorship deal, to hire the right candidate and to turn everyone’s attention to the brand and its efforts. The fact that video of The Candidate (London) has already got 31 lakh + views only indicates that the concept and HR-ad is well on its way of going viral.

I really like this digital campaign by Heineken? What do you make of it?


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