PrecisionMatch Offers A Glimpse Into The Mobile Market via Its ‘Mobile Handset Market Insights’

Smartphones have no longer remained a luxury purchase. Thanks to regional handset makers offering affordable phones & global MNCs brining out newer models almost every week, Indian consumers are spoilt for choice. This has prompted the average customer to actively indulge in searching via multiple channels.

This frenzied activity has been categorically captured by PrecisionMatch, one of the premier researched data providers in India & nearby regions & presented as ‘Mobile Handset Market Insights’. Though restricted for the time span ranging from December 2012 till February 2013, the report offers some interesting patterns & trends that can shed light on the changing dynamics of the Indian smartphone market.


  • Affordable hardware makers shine: One of the most prominent aspects within the report is the stellar response garnered by the regional manufactures of smartphones. Notably, Micromax with its Canvas line of large screen smartphones was the most researched handset model.
  • Nokia fights back: Ever since Korean manufacturer Samsung has become overly active in India by flooding the market with handsets at every price-point, Nokia appeared to be losing the battle. In fact we have reported some of the not-so-positive milestones of the company. But evidently, the company has not accepted defeat & is fighting back especially in affordable as well as premium segment. As Asha Series Phones are continually being introduced, the Lumia models too are making heads turn with their stellar hardware.
  • The Premium segment is heating up too: Besides the affordable segment, the higher-priced models of almost all manufacturers like HTC, Apple and Sony Mobile too are being sought after. But interestingly, these handsets are procured only after extensive research online revealed the report.

Check out the infographic below:

Handset Market Insights_Infographic

PrecisionMatch has been able to offer these insights only after aggregating & analyzing information procured from over 5 Million unique users over the last three months. It claims to have used, “Advanced data mining and analytics to identify prospective consumer segments for advertisers, generate actionable insights from aggregated data and develop consumers’ online behavior models.”

With more interesting hardware coming this way, let’s see how the year develops for the mobile market. You can download the infographic here.

Top Image Courtesy |  masterthenewnet

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