Yahoo Appears To Be Interested In Video Site Dailymotion

Yahoo seems to be gearing up to procure a controlling stake in online video streaming site Dailymotion.

The popular streaming site Dailymotion’s stake deal could very well turn out to be the most expensive deal for Marissa Mayer since her taking the CEO’s office. Currently owned by French telecommunications firm France Telecom-Orange, Dailymotion is a direct rival to YouTube & is estimated to be valued at US$ 300 Million.


Yahoo who seems to have taken on a new vigor owing to Marissa Mayer has been announcing multiple changes in its work policies & even gobbling up companies in an aggressive inorganic expansion bid. Since Mayer has became CEO she has acquired multiple mobile and web start-up companies.

Why is Yahoo interested in Dailymotion?

Yahoo, apart from a news aggregator, is also a search engine & that makes it a direct rival to Google. The present search giant already has the largest video streaming site YouTube, which coincidentally Google too had acquired & not developed on its own. Google’s own endeavor, Google Video was retired a long time ago after realizing that YouTube was a much larger entity.

Hence, Yahoo is highly interested in owning a video streaming service of its own. Video & other audio-visual content aggregation is a lucrative avenue to beam advertisements & make decent ROI. Yahoo, who is has already initiated talks with the owner of Dailymotion, could put up millions to acquire more than 75% stake in the same.

With over 116 Million members watching more than 2 Billion videos each month, Dailymotion certainly appears to be a sound bet to make. What do you think?

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