Nimbuzz Hits 150 Million User Milestone; Top Countries Are India and Saudi Arabia

Nimbuzz, the cross-platform messaging and VOIP service has announced that it has hit the 150 million user milestone. The company says that this milestone was achieved by focusing on the emerging markets in Asia. The company, originally from Netherlands, relocated itself to India last year to focus better on the the markets where it was getting the most traction.


Nimbuzz had 50 million users in August 2011, 100 million in August 2012 and now it has 150 million ahead of August 2013. That is a good show and a remarkable pattern! The strongest countries for Nimbuzz this year are India and Saudi Arabia. India has around 25 million users while users in Asia are around 78 million. The rest are from Africa (16 million), Europe (10 million) and US (9 million).

The strong point of Nimbuzz is that it is perfectly matched to support a large number of mobile and communication devices. Currently, it supports 5000 devices. Nimbuzz also has VOIP services like Nimbuzz P2P, NimbuzzOut etc. which generate 1 billion minutes per month. In terms of messaging, the company says that it sees around 102 billion messages every month in total. An interesting observation is that Android users now account for 35
% of the total user base. This may be so because emerging markets have a rather strong Android penetration.

They have released an infographic which details their growth. You can check it out below.


Story Source | Techcrunch

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