Moving On From Google Reader *Sigh*

Many of you may have heard the news today about the impending demise of Google Reader. Yes, it is a sad day for those of us who have been religious reader users for years altogether. Google announced today that it will be killing Google Reader on July 1st and no matter what they say about them feeling ‘sad’ about it, the pain is still immense and as creatures of habit, it will be doubly difficult moving on from the service to other RSS clients.

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The reason Google Reader was my choice for a RSS client was due to its integration into other services including Google. I could mail articles to others using Gmail, star articles, integrate it with Pocket, Evernote, IFTTT and anything else that used the Reader API. I certainly did not expect Google to kill the reader after they redesigned it last year. Anyway, they have a made a lot of people angry. Wonder what Google will do to replace it, possibly ask people to join Google+ I guess but I am not sure if that will go down well.

Anyway, now the thing for us reader fans is to reluctantly look at some new services and hope that they will be the same. Here is a list of 4 alternatives.

1. Feedly

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This is a well designed web and mobile app based RSS reader which is right now seeing heavy traffic after the Google Reader announcement. I have used it before just to try it out and I feel the design interface is a good on the web and passable on the smartphone. Also these guys seemed to have anticipated Google’s move and have been working on cloning the Reader API. So basically, it will function just like Google Reader in the coming future.

Link | Feedly

2. Pulse


Pulse was in the news recently when LinkedIn expressed interest in acquiring it. Pulse is rather well known for its crisp performance  and article display. I have tried this earlier too and I believe this could also end your problems. But who knows what LinkedIn will do with it once it acquires it. It may shut down the product, so I suggest that you wait out a bit before trying it out.

Link | Pulse

3. Flipboard

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This mobile and tablet app has been very popular among the smartphone junta and even had an option for Google Reader integration. This is  a mobile only option and does not use RSS as such (except for Reader API). However, the company has announced that it will support all your RSS feeds.

Link | Flipboard

4. NewsBlur


I just came to know about this one today morning and it seems to hold the most promise. It is similar to Google Reader but sports a vastly improved interface. Also, it supports web, iOS and Android.

Link | Newsblur

There are many others available. You can see a comprehensive  list here.

You will be able to extract your RSS feed data from Google Takeout.

Here is a petition which @christophmccann has made to convince Google not to kill reader. There are more than 20K signatures.

Link | Keep Google Reader (Source: TheNextWeb)

Apparently, there may be a chance that Google will open source the Reader product. If you ask me, that is the only decent thing those guys can do at this point.

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