Dhingana Launches Curated Online Radio Stations

Dhingana, a prominent online music streaming service in India has come up with a new way of serving up music. Using its own in-house ‘Music Experts’, the service has launched not 1 or 2, but 16 online ‘Radio Stations’.

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What’s the niche? The aim perhaps is to collate the better judgment of mainstream experts on what Indians want to listen & then serve it up accordingly feels Rohit Bhatia, CEO of Dhingana, “Most of the music consumption in India today happens via traditional radio which is programmed by music experts. With our strong technology and streaming platform, we wanted to recreate this radio experience on the internet. This launch will enable us to leverage our strengths as an online player into the domain of curated radios. Our mantra behind this launch has been that listening shouldn’t stop. We’ll delight our listeners with the 16 radio stations and further captivate them by introducing Radio Jockeys.

These Radio Jockeys or RJs are quite popular on the FM Radio Stations. Additionally, some of the RJs are highly listened to, for their sense of music & witty conversations. However, only the ability to curate a listenable & presumably likeable compilation of mainstream songs will be the current offering on these online radio streaming channels. And the high number is thanks to the multiple types of music categories and genres.

Within 5 years, Dhingana has grown quite remarkably. With a simple product of online streaming, the company has been able to surpass many commercial, as well as traction-based milestones. Furthermore, with tight integration with Social Media sites, the company is poised to grow higher, despite rivals trying hard. What do you think?

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