South Korea’s BeLaunch Conference Opens Doors For Indian Startups

South Korea, unlike its Northern Counterpart is a fertile land of opportunities.  Multinational giants in many fields like Samsung, LG, Hyundai, etc. have made their presence felt across the globe. Perhaps it is now time for Indians to leave their imprint on this land, feel the organizers of ‘beLAUNCH’ South Korea’s largest Startup Tech Conference.

beLaunch is now open to & accepting applications from Indian startups “who want to expand and increase their reach in Korea and East Asia.” With just a week before the deadline, the organizers are urging budding fledglings to strive for an audition/pitch in Bangalore by the end of March. However, only one winner will be chosen to be part of 20 presenting startups at beLAUNCH 2013. The main event is scheduled to take place in Seoul, South Korea on May 1st & 2nd.

Korean Tech Startup Conference   Revolution

This annual event is certainly a high point for almost all the startups who wish to gain valuable insights into long term sustenance & buoyancy in the tumultuous market dynamics of today. Hence there are even tickets to merely attend the conference & the website TechInAsia is offering a significant discount of 30% if booked via this page.

How to proceed: Interested Indian startups have to apply here. Upon receiving an invitation post the application, the startups will pitch their ideas to a panel which will eventually pick just one. The chosen company will be offered an opportunity to exhibit their product/service in a startup booth at the conference, for free. Though not mentioned explicitly, those who wish to exhibit without going through this cannel can pay the fees & setup their stalls.

Who should apply? South Korea has multiple tactile & strategic linkages with nearby countries like Japan, China and the U.S. Many visitors from these countries will be attending the conference & participants from all over the world will be showcasing their products & ideas. This event is majorly attended by telecom majors & hence companies with this particular scope would find it even more appealing.

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